You want to know more? I could tell you the obvious—like, how I'm a San Diego-based designer, or that I really enjoy kombucha. I'm also completely self-taught and draw most of my inspiration from video games. In another life, I'm probably a narrative designer or something. Anyway.

I'm a designer because I feel most like myself when creating. There's no greater joy than telling a story or bringing something to life. Of course, I was confused on what that meant for me for a while (looking at you, dreams of being an English major or game designer.) I also just really enjoy making cool things—so, there's that.

That's me and this this is my site. Read on for more info about my work experience and some other fun things. Cheers, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

You can keep up with my daily tasks, if you want to.


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Visual Developer

Freelance | 2020 - Present

Making web prototypes to hand off to developers just wasn't cutting it for me anymore—I needed to make real experiences. Using Webflow, I begin to develop web experiences on my own.

Responsibilities include:
- Using Webflow to craft unique websites with a heavy focus on accessibility, responsiveness, and character
- Translating design mocks
- Communicating with original designer (if there is one) to ensure their vision is met
- Optimizing site's SEO

Web Designer

Freelance | June 2019 - Dec. 2019

Responsibilities include:
- Mastering time management between freelance clients and my full-time job
- Effectively communicating with my clients throughout the design process
- Presenting early concepts (sketches and low-fidelity mocks) in early stages to ensure expectations are met
- Creating prototypes at different breakpoints (desktop, tablet, mobile)
- Optimizing design files for designer to developer handoff, such as: naming layers and groups, setting up universal environment for quick changes, embedding assets or providing a well-structured folder hierarchy
- Creating assets as SVGs to optimize for web performance
- Prioritize accessibility where I can; sometimes this means expressing its importance to clients and hope they are willing to compromise
- Working on tight deadlines

Visual Designer

MindTouch | March 2018 - Present

As a Visual Designer, I help to drive the creative direction of the Marketing department.

Responsibilities include:
- Designing branded sales and marketing collateral that achieve strategic goals (infographics, ebooks, icons, presentation decks, illustrations, HTML5 banner ads)
- Designing and prototyping a fully functional, high-fidelity mockup of the corporate website in Adobe XD—optimized for designer to developer handoff
- Finding unique and digestible ways to convey complex topics and/or data points
- Maintaining defined corporate visual language system
- Using working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS to create strong web designs that focus on web performance and accessibility

Fullstack Web Development Intern

Dowhop | March 2018- April 2018

Responsibilities include:
- Work quickly to debug code
- Learned some Wix code
- Update site with recent logos and tasks

Halfway through my internship, I was pivoted for design
- Created popup banners, photo backdrops, business cards, and flyers for March Mingle—one of the biggest networking events in San Diego that Dowhop was partnering with

LEARN Academy | JS Bootcamp

LEARN Student | November 2017- April 2018

I learned:
- How to effectively pair-program, in turn making me a better collaborator and communicator
- How to set up a dev environment
- Why being detail-oriented is important (looking at you, syntax errors)
- How to pitch an idea
- Better problem-solving skills