Attending Adobe MAX 2019

July 19, 2019
A short recap of my time at Adobe MAX 2019

A designer's dream

Look, I don't travel very much. I'm someone that very much enjoys spending time with my introverted self, my laptop, and my Nintendo switch (when I find downtime). But, when presented with the opportunity to attend Adobe MAX—Adobe's highly-anticipated annual conference for design—and get paid to be a part of it all...now that's worth leaving my room for.

The following are highlights from the conference that have been broken up into my personal favorite moments. This article is in no way affiliated with Adobe.

Adobe's Business Customer Advisory Board

I was invited to participate as a business customer with Adobe, which essentially means I would (hopefully) be validating what they have in the works. The focus was around Adobe's creative suite, but that's all I can say or I'll be receiving lovely letters from Adobe's legal team. What I can say is that they definitely listen to their customers and deeply care about our workflows.

Arriving to the convention

Back in June of this year, I participated in user testing for Adobe XD. I voiced my opinion on some difficulties I was having and where I was hoping to see improvement. Low and behold, during this advisory meeting, they not only addressed those concerns, but revealed future features that would solve the problems I was having. Seriously so cool to see, and I was impressed with their quick turnaround.

"What is your design superpower?"

Our first exercise was to answer this question, then the best would be picked and discussed. As pictured below, we all wrote our answers on a sticky note and stuck them to our tumblers. There was a wide range of answers—from "transparency" to "time management".

Business Customer Advisory feat. our ingenious idea to display our ideas on our tumblers

I answered with "simplicity", because I think at designs' core, it's what we should aim for. It separates a good design from a great design.; knowing how and when to take from a piece instead of constantly adding is one of the strongest skills we as designers can possess.

And it won!

Also, I got some pretty neat swag for winning (including an executive Adobe powerbank). So they earned an A+ in my book.

Adobe swag

Let the fun begin

The official first day was filled with meeting other design friends, exploring the pavilion for merchandise, and going to a few workshops. And, oh yeah, day one keynote!

One of the many welcome signs


This experience for me was pretty full circle. I remember watching the keynotes online last year, trying to live through it the best I could through my computer screen. So to be right in the center of it all this time around was awesome.


Speakers this year such as Billie Eilish, Takashi Murakami, David LaChapelle, and Shantell Martin took the stage to talk about their creative journey.

Billie Eilish and Takashi Murakami

Fun lunch options

Attendees were given free breakfast and lunch each day of the conference. With thousands in attendance, I have to say, they handled this really well. There was 'Grab-and-go" lunches (pictured below), a full cafeteria, and about a dozen food trucks. I may or may not have had In n Out nearly every day.

Looking at you, cheesecake bites

Vampire Weekend

The Adobe Max Bash definitely was a night to remember. The performance had the crowd buzzing, and there was feel-good energy all around.

Vampire Weekend

All in all

The four days spent at MAX were unforgettable. I'm so grateful to have met so many amazing people, and I'm already counting down the days until next years.

See you October 19-21 next year!