Attending No-Code Conf.

June 10, 2020
What it was like to attend Webflow's first conference—No Code Conf!

The No-Code movement

The general idea of "no code" has been around for years now. Early examples, such as Google Spreadsheets and Weebly, are household names—yet, why is the No-Code movement only recently gaining momentum? The answer is simple. 'No-code' has evolved to mean something entirely different in the past couple years.

No-code is now more than allowing someone to complete a task without writing a line of code. It's about empowering people to create without first thinking about restrictions; it's a movement that embraces endless possibilities and ideas. The tools give people the possibility to create websites and apps on their own, while, in-turn, developers get to work on problems they'd rather be solving. It's become a movement, resulting in a strong community of kind, talented people.

Which is a perfect segway into No Code Conf—put on by one of the leading contenders, Webflow.

Inclusivity, fun, and kindness

I will never forget that energy that was in that room. I've been to my fair share of conferences and events—most of which I leave feeling exhausted because of how forced many interactions feel. But at No-Code Conf, conversation with others felt genuine.

Meeting some twitter friends for the first time!

Something I really enjoyed was the badge design, which came paired with an assortment of fun stickers. There was a clear intention of inclusivity with options such as pronouns (she/her, he/him, they/them) and the option to include a "Hey! I'm awkward" sticker.

My badge for the conference (you already know I used the awkward sticker)

And, would it really be a Webflow conference without some fun photo ops?

The No-Code Cafe

Webflow really knows their audience—we're all coffee addicts. I was really impressed by the effort that went into everything, even the smaller details. I mean—look at this!!

The Introvert Sanctuary

I've never been to a conference where they openly embrace the opportunity to make those with anxiety feel more welcome. AND they make it like a fort. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I appreciate that they did this

Vlad made dad jokes

Are any of us really surprised?

See you at the next one!