March Mingle!

May 5, 2020
Behind-the-scenes of March Mingle—San Diego's largest networking event for start-ups and innovators.

San Diego's Event for Start-Ups and Innovators

Last night, the downtown San Diego library was taken over by tech nerds galore—and I am so fortunate to have been one of them. March Mingle is San Diego’s largest single day tech event. Local start-ups, innovators, and even those just looking to be part of the community all gathered on the ninth floor of the library to get to know one another.

Whether it be to seek job opportunities, provide jobs and/or experiences, or simply mingle with others in the community, the event was a huge success. In fact, March Mingle sold out and hosted a whopping six-hundred people!

"Dowhop you love!"

As the designer for all of the event's assets, I was also there to support and volunteer for DoWhop–the marketplace of doing. For the past month, I have interned with them and have been introduced to an abundance of opportunities that I would not have had otherwise.

“What is DoWhop? A peer-to-peer marketplace where you can make money doing what you love, or a website to simply find your next adventure!”

Working with my fellow DoWhop volunteers was such a fun experience; truthfully, we’re just a ton of people that enjoy seizing life and making the most of it—and that’s exactly what DoWhop is about.

While we worked together to make sure that all of the March Mingle attendees were checked in and having a good time, we tossed around some inflatable DoWhop balls, offered whoppers, and provided a photobooth experience.

I also designed the nametags so the attendees could use stickers to clarify what they’re hoping to get from the event and any interests. I was simply there to volunteer and mingle, so using “graphic designer” and “elf” to portray my career/personality seemed rather fitting.

Thanks to my wonderful, good friend Caleb, you can get a feel for what the event was like through this video. Catch me around 2:21 and witness our attempt at the DoWhop group photo at 5:00!

Caleb is a prominent part of the San Diego tech community as he attends many meetups and volunteers regularly. Say hello and support him here:

his super cool instagram / his super cool youtube / his super cool website

Alongside volunteering, I took on graphic design work for the event. This included: a design merging DoWhop with March Mingle, flyers, nametags, and the backdrop for the DoWhop photobooth.

So many incredible start-ups attended last night, and I am so glad to be a part of the San Diego tech community. See you all at start-up weekend!

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