Project Completed:


Kate, why is there nothing on that phone screen?

Well, dearest reader, that's because this project is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and the absence of the logo on this phone screen is my way of visualizing that to you. While I cannot disclose who the client is, I workied under Martin Ceisel, as he crafted content while I crafted high-fidelity prototypes. Here's some quick legal talk you can scroll past, and then let's jump right in.

Due to this project being under an NDA, the client has been given an alias of, simply, The Client. Any usage of The Client's logo will be removed or blurred out. Respect of their privacy is of upmost importance to me; this case study is solely to give you, the reader, a glimpse into what my workflow looks like.


The Client was redoing their website and needed two pages completely reimagined. Their brand guidelines were very vague and we were told that just about anything goes as far as color and illustration style. Without much design direction, I did my best to design something

My role

I worked as an experience designer to produce the following:

  • Initial sketches
  • Low-fidelity mockups
  • High-fidelity mockups
  • Fully functional prototypes


Whether it be through email, phone calls, or getting face-to-face time (if possible!) I think most can agree that communication can make or break a project. In this case, I was subcontracted under my coworker and friend Martin—known for his illustrious work as copymartin—and would be working directly under him as he was in communication with The Client.

Martin handled webpage copy and direction as I executed on page design. Hand off of copy was handled through Google Docs, and other communication was handled between Slack and email.

"It's nice to be able to bring draft copy and crude layout recommendations to a designer and count on them to create super clean wireframes both modern and up to spec. Kate collaborated with me, asked questions, and found just the right way to situate messaging, layout, and design for these web pages. Our client—an agency with its own web designers and creative team, mind you—was quite pleased with the result." — Martin Ceisel