Move over chatbots. Fizzybot is the new innovative, human way to capture leads.


Client: Fizzybot

Focus: Frontend Development, Backend Development, Webflow

I was hired on to develop Fizzybot's site in Webflow. I inherited design files via Invision and got to work to bring it all to life.

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Fizzybot has a unique perspective on lead generation—which is, treat leads like they're human. "What?" you must be asking, "Leads aren't just numbers we put in a funnel?" Nope! They're living, breathing people with thoughts and emotions; why not treat them as such?

The team came to me and expressed interest in me developing their website. Focus was placed on speed, ability to scale to support large traffic, and eventually sprinkle in some slick micro-interactions.

The product itself is chatbot-esque, but with multiple placement options, and Fizzybot writes the conversational copy for you (it even supports giphy!) The colorful chat-embed is proven to generate more interested people in one's service, and the conversation may even make their day.

I couldn't be more glad to have worked on this project; as someone who can't stand cookie-cutter, bland attempts at lead generation, I'm proud of what Fizzybot is doing and truly stand by it.

"This is awesome!"

–Matt Zybura, Founder of Fizzybot
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Design Lead: Stacey Uy

Oversight: Matt Zybura

Development: Myself