Project Completed:


LightRank is a (web application) monitoring platform that provides key metrics and solutions for site performance, SEO, accessibility, and security. I was tasked with creating a brand identity and then, in turn, designing the LightRank homepage.

The Problem

"LightRank has zero brand identity. I’m hoping that a home page design will help steer the rest of the application's design in the right direction."

My role

I worked as an experience designer to produce the following:

  • Initial sketches
  • Low-fidelity mockups
  • High-fidelity mockups
  • Fully functional prototypes

The Solution

A modern and clean homepage that focuses on the product’s ease of use.


The Results

Kate was able to establish a brand identity and direction for LightRank even when only provided with a few minor details about the product. She not only accounted for my personal taste in web design and digital aesthetics but took it ten steps further by helping me vocalize what I wanted [needed] through prototyped animations, illustrations, and high fidelity mockups.” —Wesley Chang