National Dental

Who says dental websites have to be dated and boring? This redesign is something to flash those pearly whites at.


Client: National Dental

Focus: Creative Direction, Web Design + Development, Webflow

National Dental has offices all over the country, and they've grown to become a well-known name in the dentistry industry. Though, as they grew, their dated site didn't reflect their capabilities and dedication to their patients. They also expressed that their main goal was to increase lead conversion.

I wanted this redesign, first and foremost, to focus on a quality user experience. This meant placing emphasis on accessibility (which, really, should always be a priority in my opinion), excellent site performance, and an intuitive form experience. I also went with a simple landing page as opposed to the original multi-page site National Dental had. Below you'll find some other points I focused on.


Emphasis on form submission & conversion:  To combat the stereotype of keeping important content, such as forms, "above the fold" there are multiple anchor points that anchor directly to the form.

Scannabiliity + readability: We all know how important well-written web copy is. But what's even more important is ensuring your users can comfortably and quickly digest the information that you're providing. To do this, I made sure the copy was brief and concise, and allowed for proper spacing and breathability between points. You'll also see use of iconography to promote scannability.

Micro-interactions: What good is a landing page if people don't feel enticed to scroll? One tactic to get users to scroll is to introduce subtle on-scroll animations. You'll see this in forms of staggered fade in & up animations.

Site performance: With patience being so slow nowadays (and Google prioritizing site speed) it's a no-brainer that this site needed to be fast. One method I use to keep things speedy is to optimize images for the web by making sure the sizes are appropriate and I compress them (I like to keep them under 150kb if I can). I also limit some micro-animations on mobile.

Accessibility: The demographic for National Dental is largely people aged 45+. When I was designing, I made sure that text isn't too small and scales appropriately between devices. I also doubled-checked all colors' contrast and confirmed they meet AA standards.


Backend Work

This project also came with some backend work for the form. The flow is as follows:

Webflow form submission -> Zapier parses data to ActiveCampaign (National Dental's CRM) -> Webflow sends submission email to a list of recipients at National Dental



The biggest hurdle of this project was the timeline that the site needed to be live by—which was one week's time. Usually a project this size takes me at the very least two weeks. The challenge was definitely there, but I got it done and look back and feel pretty proud of myself.

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"Overall this is a homerun. The site redesign looks awesome!!! I love it!! So glad that Kate included a services and testimonial section! Everybody loved it during our internal meetings."

—Jessica Vollaro, Marketing Director at National Dental
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Design & Development: Myself