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Kate Kassab

Hey the name's Kate. I'm a designer working at Alchemy to bring blockchain to the next billion people.

You can find me designing products by day & expressing myself through 3D renders by night.

Making web3 more friendly + usable
NFT artist + collector
Professional shitposter
I write things
Designer at Alchemy
Making the move to SF
Creating my friends as pixel art
Not currently open to work

Kate is a wonderful human. I was lucky enough to spend a few months working with her to revamp our website at 4K Protocol, and the result speaks for itself
Not only is Kate a stellar designer with an eye for creative detail, she’s also a genuinely kind person willing to explore various solutions and accommodate feedback. Our website metrics improved drastically after Kate’s redesign, and our brand aesthetic finally matched the vision we had in our heads. 10/10, would recommend Kate to anyone. Can't wait to work with her again in the future.
160% increase time on page
47%increase to app open conversions
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Andrew Harrison
Director of Marketing | 4K
4k wallet 4d render
Kate is a brilliant designer and a pleasure to work with. We've worked together on the same team at Webstacks for almost a year now on Calendly's website, and she never ceases to surprise me with her quick creative problem solving skills.
One of her strongest traits is her ability to manage multiple projects, team members, and clients simultaneously while staying positive and optimistic throughout the process. Her kind and humorous attitude is infectious, she is a pleasure to collaborate ideas with and a joy to be around. Kate is a design rockstar and would be an excellent leader on any team.
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Brandon Hampton
Designer at Webstacks
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Kate recognizes the power that a great user experience has on the adoption and success of products and never stops looking for new UX data gathering tactics.
Her efforts result in more intuitive and adoptable product interfaces and a positive impact on our bottom-line, as product usability does not need to be re-addressed late stage in development. Any design team, with a heavy focus on customer needs and benefits, as well as very high quality design standards and expectations, would be lucky to have Kate as a member. If you need a designer who is always seeking a challenge, is collaborative, curious, and highly skilled: look no further!
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Andy Vaughn
Head of Engineering at MindTouch
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