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The name's Kate, and I create
modern web experiences

Kate Kassab

I'm a digital designer focused on creating experiences that treat people like humans, not numbers.

I specialize in creating unique web experiences, visual design, and no-code tools.

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Web design + development
Interaction design
Visual design
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Product design
UX strategy
Visual strategy
Creative sprints

Designing on Adobe Live

I was invited to Adobe's office in San Francisco to stream 2 days of Adobe XD fun. Paired with my good friend Howard, we designed a video game-themed to-do app, and the new feature—Content-Aware Layout—took our web app to the next level.

Product Design
Mindtouch intelligent search

A case study outlining the work I did as lead designer for MindTouch's intelligent search feature. I walk through everything from my design process, to user testing, to final results.

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I've been designing for years, here's how I got here

(besides a ton of coffee)
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